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All orders are shipped within Canada. Guaranteed delievery.


British Dragon Pharmaceuticals EU company welcomes you at our Internet site. This website is intended for information purposes only, We hope that with a help of this information channel we can enrich our mutual collaboration.


We are NOT associated with in any way and are an absolutely independent company.


The main activity is a pharmaceutical wholesale and retail trading of finished medical products. We have a big range of high quality pharmaceutical formulations such as tablets, injectable oil solutions and Human Growth Hormone produced according to the highest industry requirements and standards, which makes us one of the leading European manufacturers.


That gives us an opportunity to offer you variety of products to meet your high standard requirements, to achieve the best performance results.


As well, we are in a constant research activity, development and testing of the new formulations, required by the new millennium.


Please visit our products page and you will be able to find offers according to your expectations .

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